For 16 years, our cocktail bar has been a household name in the neighbourhood, and we are determined to provide many more years of great service. Behind the bar are two young men packed with enthusiasm and passion for what they do. Our motivation is simple: we want to offer our customers the best possible experience.
What makes us truly unique is that we both have our own specialities and strengths. It is like we are the perfect mix, just like in a well-crafted cocktail. One is expert at creating flavourful drinks that enchant your taste buds, while the other has mastered the art of hospitality and business to perfection. Together, we have created a place where you come not just to get a drink, but to live an experience.

Whether you are a regular we have known for years or you are stepping in for the first time, you are always welcome here. We are privileged to make our passion our work, and we hope you taste the love and dedication we put into our cocktails and into our service from the moment you walk in the door.
Stop by and taste the unique flavour of our cocktail bar, where tradition and fresh energy come together to give you a great time.



Let me introduce you to Sam, a passionate soul with an untamable love for drinks and a natural talent for meeting new people. For him, life is all about the art of mixing and creating connections.

His eyes light up at the thought of a whisky sour, with its perfect balance of sweet and sour, and an espresso martini, the pick-me-up that is both invigorating and refined. These cocktails are more than just drinks for Sam; they are an expression of his taste and creativity.

But Sam has another dream, a dream he has cherished since he was a child – running his own business. He wants to create a place where people come together to enjoy delicious drinks, warm conversations and an atmosphere of community.

Sam’s story is a reminder that passion and dreams can be the driving force to achieve something great. Soon, we can all enjoy the fruits of his efforts and dedication.



As a young guy, Guy always dreamed of having his own business someday. His adventure began when he moved from Limburg to Antwerp for his studies. During his academic years, he discovered his passion in the lively atmosphere of Barbossa, where he learned all the tricks of the trade.

The spark for the hospitality industry ignited in his heart there. After completing his studies, he joined Barbossa as a manager, where he developed his talents for a year.

However, Guy is someone who thrives on variety and change. When the opportunity arose to become a co-owner of Bar Zar, he didn’t hesitate for a moment.